Best HGH Sprays

#1. HGH 30000 Nanos Spray.

HGH 30000 Nanos SprayHGH 30000 is one of the highest rated sprays by both user testimonials and reviews online. One of the main reasons why we rated HGH 30000 in the first place is due to its well selected formulation and the fact that ingredients are included in high dosages, so you can be sure that this spray will work effectively to boost your HGH levels. The other reason why we recommend this particular spray is because it’s made by a reputable company, which specializes in HGH supplement production for many years already. So you can be sure about the quality and effectiveness of this spray.

One big benefit of HGH 30000 is that you will not need to wait months to see results from this spray. First results like feeling better, enhanced energy levels and better sleep are almost immediate when you start using this spray. Some other benefits like better appearance (skin) and increased muscle mass requires a little more time (in most cases about 3 month time).


The formulation of this spray consists of 6 growth factors including GABA, Alpha GPC, Longjack, Deer Antler, Mucuna Prurlens and L-Dopa. This spray also includes 8 proven to work amino acid releasers such as L-Tyrosine Powder, AAKG, L-Glutamine, L-Valine Powder, L-Glysine and others. When these amino acids enter your blood stream, your body will be able to make more of its own HGH. In addition to that HGH 30000 combines proprietary blend of homeopathic HGH.

The Main Pros:

  • Ingredients in HGH 30000 include 8 amino acid releasers, 6 growth factors as well as homeopathic HGH. All these different components will help you feel better, improve your appearance and enhance your physical performance;
  • HGH 30000 also includes Deer Antler Velvet, which will provide you anabolic effect;
  • The main benefits of using this spray include higher energy levels, increased muscle mass, weight loss and more;
  • Made by a reputable company, which offers many different and high rated HGH supplements;
  • Works quite fast and you can expect to see full results of this spray within 3 months of usage. However first results like better sleep, increased energy levels and overall better feeling can be seen almost immediately after you start using this spray.
  • No known or reported side effects of this spray.
  • Very easy and convenient to use and you only need to take 2-3 sprays before going to bed;
  • This growth hormone spray is risk free for 90 days (money back guarantee).

The Main Cons:

  • One of the most expensive HGH sprays available; however ingredients included in the formulation and quality of this spray is definitely worth some extra money. Also it is worthwhile to mention that you can greatly reduce the price of this spray by ordering multiple bottles.

Visit the official page of HGH 30000.

#2. GenF20 Plus Spray.

GenF20-Plus-sprayThis spray is an additional product that is offered by GenF20 Plus. You should know that this company also offers a supplement, which is aimed at boosting HGH levels in your body too. They can be used in combination or separately; however it is recommended to use them together for the maximum possible result. Since these human growth hormone enhancing products are around for a while already, there are many happy consumer testimonials available online that confirm effectiveness of GenF20 Plus. In fact it can be said that GenF20 Plus products are rated very high by most websites that review HGH releasers. The other thing to know about GenF20 Plus is that it is one of the few HGH products that are actually clinically proven to enhance IGF-1 in the body. Based on one study, a combination of spray and supplement of this brand was able to increase IGF1 levels by ~28% within 3 month time.


The main ingredient, which is included in this spray, is Alpha GPC. Based on scientific research this component is able increase secretion of HGH, remove fat from the liver, improve heart health, enhance mental function and more. Other components in formulation include well-known HGH enhancers such as L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, GABA, L-Valine, Mucuna Pruriens and many others.

The Main Pros:

  • Formulation of this spray consists of some of the best known HGH boosters so it should definitely work effectively and fast;
  • GenF20 Plus products (spray and supplement) are endorsed by three well-known doctors (can find details on the official page), so you can be sure about the quality and effectiveness of these products;
  • A combination of ingredients included in this spray can provide users with the following benefits – increased strength & workout endurance, better mental function, increased fat elimination from your liver, prevention of diabetes & obesity and more;
  • This spray is very convenient to use and you will only need to have 6 sprays throughout the day;
  • Can be purchased separately or in combination with GenF20 Plus supplement that can help you get even better results. One clinical trial showed that using these products in combination for 12 weeks was able to increase IGF1 levels in the body by ~28%;
  • Both products of GenF20 Plus are completely safe to use and there are no known side effects of using these products;
  • GenF20 Plus Spray is cheaper option than compared to the first reviewed spray (~$40 for one bottle). There are also huge discounts available for multiple bottle purchases;
  • GenF20 Plus Spray is risk free for 60 days (money back guarantee).

The Main Cons:

  • The formulation of this spray is not that “rich” as HGH 30000, so you might want to consider taking it in combination with GenF20 Plus supplement to get the maximum possible results.

Visit the official page of GenF20 Spray.

* The mentioned study in this review article did not measure direct increase in HGH (human growth hormone).