Best HGH Supplements for Bodybuilding

#1. GH Advanced.

GH-Advanced-SupplementGH Advanced is quite a unique HGH enhancer for bodybuilding, because it has separate formulas for day and night pill. Both formulas were selected so that ingredients would be absorbed by your body more efficiently. Due to this GH Advanced is able to provide users with better results than most other competitors. The other reason why we listed GH Advanced in the first place is because it has positive consumer reviews and also well selected ingredients for a reasonable price.


Some of the most significant ingredients in formulation of GH Advanced are Alpha-GPC, 5-HTP, GTF Chromium and L-Glutamine. The first ingredient (Alpha-GPC) is quite commonly referred to as one of the most effective HGH boosters and it can enhance your workout performance, improve mental focus & coordination, help with liver functioning and more. The second ingredient, which is L-Glutamine, is known to be able to boost protein metabolism and decrease breakdown of muscles. Studies that were done on this ingredient also showed that it is able to enhance HGH levels by up to 400% (by consuming 2 g per day). The other ingredient in GH Advanced is 5-HTP, which is mainly included for its ability to enhance Serotonin hormone levels. Higher levels of Serotonin in the body can greatly enhance your mood, improve the quality of sleep and promote relaxation. One more significant ingredient in this supplement is GTF Chromium, which is also an effective HGH enhancer and is advantageous for strengthening immune system, boosting energy levels and stamina and can help to regulate blood sugar levels. Also formulation of GH Advance contains Bioperine, which is included for its ability to increase absorption of other ingredients in this pill. Please note that these are only a few ingredients that are included in this supplement and there are also moderate amounts of Vitamins, Minerals and other HGH boosters in the formulation.

The Main Pros:

  • Quite a lot of consumer testimonials confirm this HGH releaser effectiveness and based on them you can expect to notice almost instant boost in your energy levels, better mood and general health. Other benefits like muscle growth and fat burn usually takes a little more time.
  • Users of GH Advanced can expect to increase their muscle growth, get lean and burn fat as well as improve stamina and enhance libido;
  • This supplement has separate formulations for day and night pill, which greatly improves effectiveness of this HGH releaser;
  • GH Advance formula includes ingredients that are all known to be effective in boosting HGH levels in the body. Also they are included in high dosages so you can be sure that it will effectively and fast;
  • Usage of this supplement is completely safe and you do not need to worry about potential side effects or other health related risks;
  • GH Advanced comes with 180 days money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with results of this supplement you can get your money back.

The Main Cons:

  • Not the cheapest HGH booster, but if you are looking for a quality product with well selected ingredients it is definitely worth paying a little extra;

Visit the official page of GH Advanced.

#2. HyperGH 14X.

HyperGH-14XHyperGH 14X is another well rated Human Growth Hormone product that combines both supplement and oral spray. Since it is a two-step product you can expect to achieve maximum possible results in terms of HGH. The main reason why it is aimed mostly for bodybuilders is because it contains on average three times higher dosages of ingredients than most other HGH supplements. Due to this it is able to provide much stronger effect on muscle building. Also the formulation consists of more than 15 different ingredients so you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money.

The other great benefit of HyperGH 14X is that pills of this supplement use enteric coating. Based on research this type of pill coating helps to protect ingredients the pill from stomach acid, which in turn leads to much higher absorption.

The Formulation.

The formulation of HyperGH 14X supplement consists of more than 15 different ingredients. Some of the most significant components in the pill are L-Arginine (520 mg), L-Glycine (460 mg), L-Glutamine (460 mg), L-Lysine (400 mg) and L-Tyrosine (400 mg). All of these components are powerful HGH boosters, so getting them in such a high dosages you can be sure to get great results. By taking 4 pills of HyperGH 14X per day you would be getting a total dosage of 4040 mg, which not many other supplements can offer. The main ingredient in the oral spray of HyperGH 14X is Alpha GPC. As it was mentioned previously this ingredient is one of the most powerful HGH boosters and it is specifically beneficial for bodybuilders since it allows better muscle endurance and enhances stronger and harder muscle contractions.

The Main Pros:

  • A supplement offers a lot of different and effective HGH enhancers, which are also included in high dosages (4040 mg serving per day). Also a spray of HyperGH 14X contains Alpha GPC, which is backed by clinical studies to be effective in significantly boosting HGH levels during workouts (up to 4100% higher release). So it can be said that both of these products have well selected formulations;
  • Usage of both HyperGH 14X products can greatly improve your workout performance, increase recovery time, help you get rid of fat and increase lean muscle mass, provide you with more energy and promote better sleep and overall relaxation;
  • Since this product contains oral spray and supplement you can expect to have better results than most similar products that only offer a supplement;
  • Based on manufacturer provided information usage of this product is completely safe and there are no reports in terms of side effects from users;
  • Keeping in mind that HyperGH consists of both oral spray and supplement it can be said that it is quite reasonably priced (~$80 for one month supply). Also there are discounts and extra gifts available for multiple month supply;
  • HyperGH 14X is risk free for 60 days since there is money back guarantee. So if you are not happy with results of this HGH product you get a full refund.

Visit the official site of HyperGH 14X.

#3. Somatropinne HGH.

Somatropinne-HGHThe main reason why we listed Sematropinne only in the third place is due to its high price. In terms of effectiveness and quality it is probably one of the best HGH supplements for bodybuilding. One of the biggest benefits of this HGH releaser is that in addition to different amino acids it actually contains true human growth hormone (secretagogues) in formulation, which is of course within FDA regulations. Due to this you can experience similar benefits to homeopathic HGH. However whether it is worth paying higher price for this benefit or not is hard to say.


The formulation of Somatropinne consists of proven to work amino acids for HGH enhancement such as L-Arginine, L-Valine and many others. These components are known to work effectively to stimulate your body to product more of its own HGH. Unlike other reviewed supplements in this article it also contains secretagogues. These components are actual HGH substances (synthetic human growth hormone) that work by stimulating your pituitary gland to release more of its own HGH into the blood stream. It is worthwhile to mention that it is only included in safe dosages, which complies with FDA regulations. In addition to that there are also six growth factors that are included in the pill. These include Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna Pruriens, Hawthrone Berry and others. So as you can see unlike other HGH supplements, Somatropinne combines two methods for boosting your body’s production of HGH (Secretagogue HGH and different amino acids), which will provide you with maximum possible benefits.

The Main Pros:

  • Some of the benefits of taking Sematropinne include fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, faster recovery from workout routine, better sexual performance and slow down of aging process;
  • Since formulation of this product combines both secretagogue human growth hormone and different amino acids you can expect similar results to homeopathic HGH;
  • This supplement is made by a reputable company that offers a lot of different products for human growth hormone for many years so you can be sure about the quality and effectiveness of Sematropinne;
  • 5 Days Free Trial available, so you can test the product and make sure it’s the right supplement for you and that it will not cause side effects;
  • Sematropinne supplement comes with 90 days money back guarantee, so you will be able to get a full refund if you are not satisfied with this product;
  • In case you will choose to buy this or any other supplement from website you can use a coupon code “HGHTENOFF“, which will reduce your order price by 10%.

The Main Cons:

  • As it was mentioned previously Sematropinne is quite expensive (~$130 for one month supply). However if you intend to use it in the long run you can reduce the price by purchasing multiple month supply.

Visit the official page of Sematropinne.