GenFX HGH Releaser review.

What is GenFx and How does it work?

GenFx is one of the most popular human growth hormone releasers, which is aimed at stimulating HGH production in your body. It comes in a form of supplement, which consists of various ingredients that are tested and proven to be effective in HGH stimulation. The primary purpose of GenFx is to reverse the negative effects of aging so that you would not only look, but also feel younger. GenFx is created by Natural Health Sciences, which is a reputable company that produces well-known skin care, anti-aging and weight loss products for more than ten years. GenFx was released about four years ago and in 2010 it was even considered to be the best HGH supplement. To give more credibility to this HGH releaser it is endorsed by two doctors Dr. Dave David and Dr. Karen Vieira. Both of them recommend this supplement as a natural way to increase growth hormone levels.

What Ingredients are Included?

Amino Acids:

  • genfx-ingredients-reviewL-Arginine. The usage of this amino acid is associated with the following benefits: faster healing, improved immune system, more muscle mass. Studies that were done on L-Arginine confirm that it is a powerful HGH booster and it can enchase levels of this hormone by up to 3 times.
  • L-Glycine. This ingredient increase muscle growth in your body and can assist with protein syntheses. One of the studies on Glycine and HGH showed that this amino acid can increase growth hormone levels by up to four times within just a few hours after using it.
  • L-Glutamine. This amino acid can be beneficial by boosting immune system, increasing HGH levels, maintaining muscle mass and improving digestive system health.
  • L-Tyrosine. This ingredient can help boost production of a hormone called Thyroxine. Based on research higher levels of this hormone can help to minimize depression and fatigue and it also can enhance metabolism rate.
  • L-Pyroglutamate. This component is included in GenFX supplement for its ability to improve brain function. Based on a few studies this amino acid works effectively to fight memory loss, which is due to aging process.
  • L-Threonine. This amino acid works effectively for maintaining proper balance of protein in the body. Also L-Threonine is beneficial for skin since it stimulates production of collagen.
  • L-Lysine. This ingredient is known to be beneficial for improving sexual function and enhancing immune system. Also, based on a few studies, L-Lysine is able to boost effectiveness of L-Arginine by up to ten times in terms of stimulating HGH production when these components are used in combination.
  • L-Isoleucine is an amino acid that is essential for proper production of hemoglobin. Some of the benefits of L-Isoleucine include normal blood sugar, higher energy levels and faster recovery after workouts.
  • L-Methionine works effectively to promote hair growth, improve overall health of nails and skin. Also it can help to minimize cholesterol levels in the body and improve condition of kidneys.
  • L-Phenylalanine. This ingredient is known to be beneficial for improving brain function. It can help to enhance memory, reduce stress and keep you more alert and awake. There is also some evidence that it can work effectively for suppressing appetite so it is also advantageous for people who want to lose some weight.

Plant Ingredients:

  • Panax Ginseng. The potential benefits of this component are better memory, improved immune system, slower general aging process, faster blood circulation and better overall health.
  • Soy Phosphatide Complex. These ingredients can help to reduce high levels of cholesterol, improve your memory and make your general brain function better. Also it is known to be beneficial for nail, hair as well as skin health.
  • Pituitary Powder is known to be advantageous for stimulating pituitary gland to produce more of its own HGH. Also it is known to be effective in improving muscle tone.
  • Hypothalamus Powder is included in GenFX for its ability to boost release of human growth hormone and improve muscle tone.
  • Phytosterol Complex is added in formulation of this supplement for its cholesterol lowering properties (beneficial for heart health).

So as you can see the list of ingredients included in GenFX supplement is truly impressive and all of them can provide you with some unique benefits. Due to the fact that there is no information on the dosages of these ingredients in the official website, so it is kind of difficult to compare this supplement with other HGH releasers. However it can be said that all ingredients in GenFX are well selected for their effectiveness in stimulating pituitary gland to produce more of its own human growth hormone. Since quite a lot of these ingredients are proven to work in clinical trials for enhancing HGH levels, there is no doubt that GenFX will work effectively for most people.

What are the Main Benefits of GenFX?

  • Improve brain function and memory;
  • Better quality of sleep;
  • Increase lean muscle mass and toning of muscles and also lose some weight;
  • Improve the condition of your skin (tone, elasticity and texture);
  • Better sexual drive and performance;
  • Improve immune system;
  • Higher energy levels;
  • And many more.

Are there any Side Effects?

The chances of side effects related to GenFx usage are very low; at least none of them were reported by users. According to the list of ingredients none of the components included in GenFx should cause any severe side effects, since they are 100% natural and organic.

Although in case you are very sensitive to supplements you should consult with your doctor prior to using this HGH releaser or at least study ingredients included closely. Although the company doesn’t provide information on exact dosages of each ingredient, you can find a full list of ingredients on official website and in this review too. If you find ingredients in the list that you might be sensitive or allergic to, it might be a good idea to look for alternative HGH supplements to avoid possible side effects. Also it is important to follow dosage recommendations, since taking more pills than suggested won’t increase the effectiveness of this supplement and might even cause some side effects.

Where can you buy GenFx?

buy-GenFXThe only place where you can buy GenFx is on the official website online. In case you will find it somewhere else on sale it might be not a genuine supplement or it might not work as advertised. So to avoid these problems you should only buy it directly from manufacturer. You can find various offers available at the official website from one month to even 12 month supply. The more packages of GenFx you will buy the more you can save on your order. For example one month supply is priced at $49.95, while six month supply $199.70 ($33.30 per month). No matter, which type of HGH supplement you might decide to buy it is worth considering buying at least three month supply, since these type of supplements needs more time for all advantages to be noticed. Using it for only one month might be not sufficient to see all the benefits. If you have any doubts about this HGH releaser you should also know that the company offer 60 money back guarantee, meaning that you can return the product if you are not satisfied with the results.

Visit the official page of GenFx.