Human Growth Hormone Benefits.

Most of the symptoms of decreased HGH can be called aging. These include lower energy levels, slower healing ability, increased risk of various diseases and decreased physical mobility. On the contrary human growth hormone treatment can help to diminish these negative effects and improve your health in general. Although it is important to point out that if you do not have HGH deficiency, there might be little or no benefits of HGH. Bellow you can find a list of potential benefits of higher human growth hormone levels in your body.

HGH and immune system.

It is not a big secret that our immune system is much stronger while we are young and also we are able to recover from various illnesses and injuries much faster. On the other hand when we become older we are much more likely to get various illnesses and it takes more time to recover from injuries. Decrease in Human growth hormone is closely related to deficiency of immune system. It is thought that HGH can help to boost immune system by promoting the growth of thymus. This gland is responsible for producing T-cells that are important immune cells. So when you stimulate HGH levels in your body you will also be able to boost your immune system and defend yourself from various illnesses.

Growth hormone benefits for skin.

skin-hghOne of the most noticeable things when we start aging is that our skin starts to change too. Wrinkles becomes more noticeable, skin starts to lose fat and becomes thinner. By increasing HGH levels in your body you will not only be able to reduce the amount of wrinkles, but also your skin will become thicker and stronger. Quite a lot of studies and research papers confirm that HGH is the key element that plays an important role in maintaining and repairing the skin. The way it works is that HGH is able to boost the production of elastin and collagen. These two proteins are responsible for forming skin’s structure. So by producing more of these proteins your skin will be less likely to have noticeable wrinkles. Many people acknowledge these benefits and start to look for ways how they can increase growth hormone levels in the body. They understand that by increasing HGH levels they can turn back a clock by many years and make skin look much younger.

Sex drive and HGH.

It is quite a natural thing that once we age our sexual performance and function starts to worsen. This is quite commonly correlated with growth hormone levels in our body since they also decrease while we age. There were a few studies done which aimed to investigate how HGH can enchase sexual life. The first study was done by Dr. D. Rudman 1990, on 25 men between ages 65-81. The study lasted for six months and the results showed that HGH injections were able to enchase sexual performance in elderly men. Due to the fact that there was limited number of participants in this study, the results were thought to be questionable by a lot of people. The second study was done by NHP and involved 302 participants. Although the aim of this study wasn’t primary to investigate the effect of HGH on sexual functions, the results on this area were incredible. According to this study 75% of participants noticed improvements in sexual functions (both frequency and potency). For instance 62% of participants noticed increased duration of erection, while 58% of women noticed reduced symptoms of menopause.

HGH benefits for athletes.

hgh-benefits-for-athletesOne of the benefits that is the most appealing for athletes is the fact that HGH can not only reduce body fat, but also it can help to maintain and increase lean muscle tissue. One study that was published in New England Journal of Medicine showed that lean muscle mass in older participants increased on average by 8.8%. Similar findings of increased lean mass and decreased body fat were also noticed in young adults and children. These results are a good indication that human growth hormone can be beneficial for people who want these qualities. The next thing that makes HGH beneficial for athletes is the fact that it can positively affect physical performance. For instance one study showed that human growth hormone can improve sprinting capacity (bicycles) by about 4% compared to a placebo group. Many athletes also use HGH for injury recovery. It is thought that this hormone can help to repair bone and cartilage tissues.

Although HGH can be beneficial for athletes it is also important to point out that it is banned by many organizations such as International Olympic Committee and National Collegiate Athletic Association. This ban is associated with the fact that usage of HGH injections can give athletes an unfair advantage over others and in some cases even determine winner.